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Tektonik IT specializes in technical support, maintenance and network management for small and medium enterprises in the Greater Montreal Area. With Tektonik you’ll have access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts capable of answering your needs better than a single employee.

Tektonik IT is part of the Tektonik family which also includes Tektonik Design and Tektonik HR.


Step one: know your network, your users, your needs and the problems slowing down your work. Step two: a list of recommendations written by our multi-disciplinary team. By applying them, we’ll improve the efficiency of your network and users. Objective: long term performances and stability. To get there: establish a preventative approach in place of the traditional reactive approach. How? Our administration and remote monitoring software. It alerts us in advance if problems arise, before they can negatively impact your work environment.

    • Network Inventory
    • Needs Analysis
    • Users Feedback


    • Expert Report
    • Absolute Reliability Goal


    • Network Optimization
    • Devices Cleanup
    • Management Simplified


    • Mgmt Software Deployed
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Remote Patching
    • Remote Support
    • 24/7 Alerts



Managing your company represents an imposing and constant challenge. Each disruption distances you from your objectives. Our priority is to minimize these inconveniences by making your network natural and simple to use.
You deal with providers for: internet access, email and web hosting, software, online backups, anti-spam, computer hardware, VoIP, graphic design, web programming and marketing. Tektonik IT and its sister company Tektonik Design will contribute to making your life simpler by managing and/or providing these services for you.
You could hire an employee to handle your network; competent, agreeable and patient. One employee. Or you could take advantage of a team of experts with all of these abilities and more, at a lower cost.
With a network analyzed in realtime remotely, a suite of tools that will make your users more efficient, a constant adaptation to new technologies in the field of IT, it’s the productivity and efficiency of your entire team that will improve.
Your objective is to develop your enterprise and to satisfy your clients. This is where you excel. With the help of a multi-disciplinary team like ours, you could delegate these computer and network related tasks in all confidence and save precious time.
Why encumber your thoughts with a network of computers, wires, hard disks and backups? Thanks to Tektonik, you’ll sleep at night, dream, recuperate. We have the tools, the methodology and the experts qualified to manage everything in the most fluid manner.
We’ve been advocating for more than ten years a preventative model of managing networks: investing a minimum of efforts on a regular basis reduces issues. The objective is to avoid emergencies which can be extremely disruptive to your company. The cost of an emergency justifies the preventative model. Call us to estimate it: 514.995.2847.



Our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantee a prompt and agile support. By telephone, email or onsite, a technician will handle your issue rapidly.
Prevention implies a regular attention and reduces the risk of costly emergencies.
Our dashboard alerts us as soon as a problem arises, day or night. It allows us to act swiftly and avoid you complications.
Your data is the pillar of your enterprise. We use redundant backup techniques, eliminating risks of data loss.
Your network is an open door to the world – it is imperative to secure all of its potential points of vulnerability: viruses, open ports, wi-fi, etc.
Your network will be documented: real-time inventory of your computers and network components and monthly performance reports.


    • Swift Service
    • Dedicated Manager
    • Expert Technicians
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Preventative Approach
    • Radical Security

    Network Management

    • Plans From $10/Month
    • Powerful Anti-Spam
    • Dedicated Servers
    • VPS Hosting
    • Email Archiving


    • Data in Quebec
    • Absolute Security
    • Historical Backups
    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support

    Online Backups

    • 99.99% service availability
    • No need to purchase expensive hardware
    • Save 20 to 50% off of your current costs
    • Keep your telephone number

    IP Telephony